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Dark Phoenix (2019) Full Movie is an Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Film that is directed by Simon Kinberg. The Film based next month of June will reach the cinema the culmination of the saga of the X-Men with Dark Phoenix. However, “Dark Phoenix online HD movie” it seems that after this adventure and now that the mutants have passed into the hands of Disney, the stories of these characters can take other courses and expand within the MCU. That is why the actress Alexandria Shipp who has given life to Storm from X-Men: Apocalypse has expressed interest in making a solo movie of his character.

Finally, she also admitted in that interview that it does not matter if she or any other actress put on the Ororo Munroe suit (original name of the mutant), what would satisfy her would be the fact that the character will leave a very important mark on the cinematic world.

Maybe the words of the actress can be considered, thanks to what we said at the beginning, the merger between Disney and Fox leave the doors open for the mutant to resurface in new adventures of men X or we can see together with the Avengers or You can even materialize the romance that exists within the comics between her and Black Panther on the big screen. Only time will tell.

Like a phoenix from the ashes so the mutants return to the screens after the X-Men fiasco: Apocalypse (2016)

With X-Men: Dark Phoenix it seems that finally we will have a film that does justice to the powers of Jean Gray and a worthy closing to the modern generation of Professor Xavier’s School for Young Talents.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix focuses on the character of Jean Gray and what happens when an accident gives him incredible powers, which he will not necessarily use for good. It will be up to the rest of the team to decide between protecting one of them or saving the Universe.

De10.mx was present at the conference of the new delivery of X-Men, with the guests of honor Sophie Turner (Jean Gray) and Jessica Chastain. These talented actresses told us about what we will see on screen and the challenge of giving life to one of the best stories in the universe of mutants.

“Dark Phoenix Download Full Movie” For Sophie Turner, who we know from her role as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, the main message of Dark Phoenix and the X-Men Universe is: “what makes you unique and different is what makes you special”. In addition, in this film we will see mental health issues such as schizophrenia or dissociation of identity.

With respect to Jean, and the weight she will have in this film, Sophie said that history has the peculiarity that we see “a female superhero who is not only the protagonist but also the antagonist”.

As you’ll remember, in the original trilogy we saw the character of Dark Phoenix in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). Sophie explains that the difference between that tape and the new release is that in The Last Stand, Dark Phoenix had a secondary role, while this time all the spotlight is centered on Jean Gray.

On the other hand, Jessica Chastain was careful not to reveal a detail of her character, which until now is one of the TOP SECRET of the plot. “I am completely different from my character because I have human needs that she does not have,” said the actress.

“Think in a way that is very difficult to understand, because it is not of this world,” added Chastain, who joined this generation of mutants for the first time. Even so, they received her at home: “They are like a family and I could be a guest”.

Of course, one of the themes of the conference was the purchase of Fox by Disney and the possibility of seeing Marvel heroes team up with the mutants.

Sophie Turner would love to see a crossover between these universes and considers that there is an interesting contrast between both teams. “The Avengers have always been seen as superheroes, but the X-Men, at the beginning, are rejected from society,” said the actress.

Of course Sophie could not escape a question about Game of Thrones and when choosing one of the X-Men to occupy the Iron Throne, she surprised us by naming Scott (Cyclops).

“He’s very warm, he’s passionate about his family, he does not care about the power or the reputation of being an X-Men,” the actress said, adding that Cyclops would be “a great leader, very fair.”

To see the work of Jessica Chastain and Sophie Turner on screen, we will have to wait until June 7, when X-Men: Dark Phoenix will arrive on our screens. You can not miss it!

‘X-Men: Fénix Oscura’ is the film that will close the mutant saga that began almost 20 years ago on Fox with ‘X-Men’. The franchise has had its ups and downs, but wanted to finish in style with the favorite story arc of the fans: the Dark Phoenix saga, a story in which Jean Gray acquires unimaginable power and, as many times, ends up falling on the dark side.

This new installment has all the characters that we have seen in this new saga with young versions of the mutants that we already knew, and that will start with ‘X-Men: First Generation’. But among all those characters we already know, highlights the star (and brief) appearance of one of the favorites of fans of comics, and that we had not yet had the opportunity to see on the big screen: Alison Blaire, alias Dazzler.

During a scene in the film in which the students of Xavier’s school are partying in the surrounding forest, someone is putting music to the party. Well, music and light effects, and it’s none other than Dazzler, played by the actress Halston Sage, which we saw in ‘The Orville’, ‘Paper Cities’ or ‘Nightmares’.