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Watch Dark Phoenix Online

Watch Drak Phoenix Full Movie: shows a new breakthrough, a few days after Drak Phoenix its In this June 7 release the group, led by Professor X (James MacAvoy), face one of its members, Jean Gray (Shopie Turner).

After a rescue mission in space, Jean is reached by a mysterious cosmic force. Already at home, this force makes it more powerful and unstable, causing a crisis within the group.

One of the moments that most excited the fans was to see Quicksilver (Evan Peters) in action, fans of the franchise began to guess if there will be a scene similar to the one made in X-Men: Apocalypse.

“The film ‘Dark Phoenix’ (‘Dark Phoenix’) will make the X-Men family face off like never before in the saga. Friends will become enemies and vice versa, “according to his director and screenwriter, Simon Kinberg, in an interview in London.

“Who is really Jean Gray?” This was the question that Kinberg asked before taking to the big screen his favorite story of the entire superhero franchise, a plot he saw necessary to complete a film series that began almost two decades ago, with ‘X-Men’ (2000).

For the director – who has participated in all the films since 2006 as a producer or screenwriter -, “there are many reasons” to bring back the mutant level 5, which already hinted at how powerful it could be in ‘X-Men: The final decision ‘(2006), on that occasion interpreted by Famke Janssen.

Far from extending the personality of Jean (Sophie Turner) shown then, the director wanted to focus on this new film in the most “dark, raw and real” part of the redhead.

“The story of the phoenix is ​​the most iconic and beloved of the entire series of X-Men and I think it was the perfect time to premiere in the cinema a script that had not been told correctly,” said the expert.

In this sense, the actor who plays the young Charles Xavier or Professor X, James McAvoy, highlighted how in this film the character of Jean is much more worked and extended than in the 2006, directed by Brett Ratner.

“Simply with the title that has been given in many countries’ Dark Phoenix” instead of ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ can already be seen that it deals with the two identities of Jean. Not only speaks of her as a protagonist, but also as an antagonist in itself, “said Kinberg.